Karcher Vs. Bosch Pressure Washers – A Comprehensive Comparison

Looking for a pressure washer is usually a two-step process as is the case with most other appliances. First, you pick what type of pressure washer you want and what features and functions you need it to have, and then you pick the right brand and model that matches your preferences.

The problem, however, is that once you’re past the first hurdle and you figure out what you’re looking for, finding the right brand and model can be surprisingly complicated. When you take several similar pressure washer models from several equally reputable brands and compare them – they tend to look more or less identical. This is an especially common problem when comparing Karcher vs. Bosch pressure washers.

As two of the most popular pressure washer brands out there, both Karcher and Bosch offer a lot of different models, functionalities, options, and features, and they both tend to look pretty similar. To help you find the right pick for you, here’s our comprehensive comparison of these two brands.

Bosch vs. karcher pressure washer

Bosch vs. Karcher Pressure Washers – An Overview

If we had to give you a really quick and simple summary of both brands it’d be that they’re both pretty good and whatever problems they have are usually either minor or just situational exceptions.

Both Karcher and Bosch are at the top of the pressure washer brands list for a reason. If none of the differences we’ll discuss below is of particular interest to you, you might as well just go with whichever brand/model appeals to you the most.

That being said, there are quite a few differences between the two brands. If you want to be extra careful with what you purchase – as you should be, pressure washers are not a short-term purchase – then let’s delve into our detailed comparison.

Best Bosch and Karcher Pressure Washers

  1. Bosch EasyAquatak PSI Bosch Aquatak PSI 1700 Pressure Washer
  2. Karcher K2 PSI 1600 Electric Pressure Washer
  3. Karcher 11073840 PSI 2900 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Comparing Bosch vs. Karcher Pressure Washers Side by Side

Bosch and Karcher both have many different pressure washer models across most classes and power ranges. This makes comparing them point by point pretty easy as we can just take any two similar models from both brands and compare their differences.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the differences we could find after going through both brands’ models and feature lists:

1- Motor Power

Both Bosch and Karcher produce similar, high-quality, and high-power electric motor pressure washers. That’s largely what makes both brands so popular – electric motor pressure washers are usually preferred by homeowners but are less powerful than gas engine models. So, finding a good high-power electric motor pressure washer is quite the boon for any homeowner.

And when it comes to their power, similar class models from Bosch and Karcher are indeed comparable. Bosch often tries to one-up Karcher by giving their models an extra 0.1 kW over their competition but that’s hardly relevant.

If we compare both brands’ most powerful models, the Karcher K7 model has a 2.8 kW motor and the Bosch AdvancedAquatak sits at 2.6 kW.

That’s slightly below their competition but at other similar-model comparisons, Bosch often sits on top by a little so we’re calling this one a draw.

Winner of this round: It’s a draw

2- Price

Given that pressure washers are a high-value and long-term purchase, the price shouldn’t be the driving factor in their purchase. Things such as water- and power-efficiency will often make up for minor price differences over time, so the value and quality are more important here.

Nevertheless, the price shouldn’t be completely ignored either.

And as far as the cost is concerned, most Bosch models are usually a little more affordable than near-identical Karcher machines. This can allow you to either save a bit of money with a Bosch pressure washer or get a better or more powerful model for the same price as a lower-quality Karcher model.

The difference isn’t that big, but its noteworthy and this round definitely goes to Bosch.

Winner of this round: Bosch

3- Weight

Weight isn’t often talked about, but it is a major factor when choosing and using a pressure washer. Especially if you want to use it regularly, pulling an unnecessarily huge machine behind you can be annoying. On the other hand, many people actually enjoy a more solid machine behind them.

Whichever side you fall on this discussion, the difference between Bosch and Karcher here is clear.

Most Bosch models are much more lightweight than their Karcher counterparts. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Bosch model that weights more than 9 kg or 20 lbs. With Karcher, on the other hand, most models beyond the K2 models, go well above that limit.

Both companies make their pressure washers with sturdy and high-quality wheels, so either way you should be fine.

Winner of this round: It’s a draw

4- Durability, Lifespan and Warranty

Probably one of the most important factors when choosing a pressure washer is how durable it is and how long it’s going to last. And provided that you protect your pressure washer from external physical damage and you use it as per its instructions, both Karcher and Bosch pressure washers tend to last for years and usually – well over a decade.

Of course, accidents happen and it’s normal for both brands to sometimes have faults too. This is where warranties come in and Karcher has the upper hand in this area. Most Bosch models have 2 or 3-year warranties while it’s normal for most Karcher models to come with a 5-year warranty.

This is a great perk as the almost doubled warranty period can save you a lot of money for a new pressure washer down the line.

Winner of this round: Karcher

5- Hose Length

An easy factor to overlook, hose length is surprisingly important. It determines how easy the pressure washer is to use, especially when it comes to large areas or difficult-to-access places.

Bosch comes on top here as most of their models have hose lengths of at least 1 meter more than their Karcher counterparts.

The only exception is the high-end model where the K7 Karcher model has a 10m hose while the Bosch equivalent comes with an 8m hose.

Winner of this round: Bosch

6- LCD and controls

Pressure washers are not the most complicated appliance to control but it is important to always be well in-control of them given the high pressure they operate at. T

This is where Karcher outdoes its competition as most Karcher pressure washer models are equipped with a nice LCD display on the trigger gun.

This sounds like a small benefit but it’s a great quality-of-life feature. It allows you to easily keep an eye on how the pressure washer is doing as you use it. Even more importantly, it keeps the control within your hand at all times without needing to go back to the pressure washer every several seconds or minutes.

Winner of this round: Karcher

7- Additional Features

Without going into all the different features and functionalities of the many Bosch and Karcher models, a quick summary would be that Bosch generally comes a little on top.

Both models offer lots of different perks and features with their pressure washers. The longer hoses are the main advantage of Bosch and the LCD display – the major ace of Karcher. However, when comparing equivalent models from both brands both pressure-wise and price-wise, Bosch tends to offer a few more features than Karcher.

That being said, not every customer cares about every possible feature so it’s best to know exactly what features you’re looking for and picking the model that has them and only them.

Winner of this round: Usually. Bosch

Bosch vs. Karcher – Major Differences

So, having combed through most of the details, what are the major differences between Bosch and Karcher? We’ve divided them into two categories, one “going for” each brand.

Value for Your Money

Overall, Bosch tends to offer better value for your money. Their models come at a more affordable price than equivalent Karcher models which allows you to either save a bit of money or go for a higher class with the same budget.

Bosch is also lighter in weight and thus – more mobile, and they do come with more features on their pressure washers on average.


The 2x longer warranty and the LCD trigger gun display is where Karcher shines. They are more expensive than Bosch on average, but this is often mitigated by the fact that the longer warranty often comes into play.

The LCD trigger gun display is also much more than just a perk as the extra control it gives you helps against mishandling the pressure washer. Even the heavier overall weight is a perk in that regard as it makes the bodies of Karcher pressure washers sturdier overall.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, both brands offer excellent quality products that should satisfy most customers. Which brand and model you pick will largely depend on personal preferences. However, if you like always getting the maximum value for your money, we’d recommend Bosch. And if you want something, you’ll feel extra safe and secure with – you might prefer Karcher.

If you’re not sure about how to choose a pressure washer, we recommend checking out some of our related articles.

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Uses of a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are great tools to have around the house, and finding the right model is paramount to having a positive experience. As both Bosch and Karcher are excellent manufacturers of pressure washers, choosing between the two can get tricky. Hopefully the guide above will have simplified things and helped you to make your decision.

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