8 Best Water Bottles for Kids in 2021 (And Why)

With obesity a growing problem in the U.S, the last thing you’d want to do is encourage your toddler to consume too many calories that come hidden in the form of juices or milk. The best beverage you could give your child is water since it’s the perfect solution for staying hydrated with zero calories.

If you’re on the lookout for a water bottle for your child, you probably have safety and durability as the first things on your mind. And so you should. There are tons of kids’ water bottles available on the market nowadays that finding the right one can be a little overwhelming.

In this article, we’ve got a list of the highest rated and most popular kiddies’ water bottles on the market. If you prefer a product other than our top picks, we’ve also included a short buying guide to help you find the safest and most convenient water bottle for your little one.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 8 best water bottles.

Water Bottle for Kid reviews

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as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm
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Thermos Blue Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle

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as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

The Thermos Blue Funtainer easily becomes our top pick due to its convenience and ease of use. Featuring vacuum-insulation technology, the Thermos Funtainer will keep your child’s drink chilled up to 12 hours.

It’s one of the best water bottles for kids, offering protection from germs with its hygienic button-release cap design. This makes it possible for your little one to take a drink without having to touch the straw with grubby fingers.

This bottle is leak-proof and has only four parts, making it easy to disassemble it for easy cleaning.

For maximum efficiency, pre-chill the beverage prior to use by filling the bottle with cold tap water, attaching the lid and then letting it stand for about 5-10 minutes. Then, empty the water out and fill with the beverage.

The design of this bottle and its stainless steel construction makes it perfect choice for even very young children. As it comes in a range of colors and patterns, there’s bound to be one your child will fall in love with.

What We Loved:

  • The hygienic push-button lid protects the straw from dirt and germs
  • Comes with integrated carry handle that’s perfect for small hands
  • Stainless steel thermos system keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours
  • Dishwasher safe but handwashing recommended
  • Highly durable and long-lasting

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some parts are small (e.g. removable silicone straw) and can be easily lost

CamelBak Eddy Kids BPA Free Water Bottle

as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

This BPA-free water bottle from CamelBak Eddy is charming and small enough to fit in your little one’s lunch box without taking up too much space. It won’t leak all over your child’s lunch either since it’s completely spill-proof. Specially designed for small hands, this water bottle is child-safe and fun to use. 

All the parts of this water bottle are made from high quality and safe materials that are easy to clean. It features the patented Camelback Big Bite Valve with a stem tube and a shut-off valve that makes it easy for little ones to drink from. Constructed from tritan plastic, the bottle holds up to 12 ounces. As its completely dishwasher safe, you don’t need to clean it by hand.

Tough enough to handle any amount of rumbling or tumbling, this water bottle is available in over 30 unique designs from which you can choose to suit your little one’s personality.

What We Loved:

  • Available in over 30 cute patterns
  • Fast flow rate so your child can drink quickly
  • Uses a bite valve for a comfortable, drip-free experience
  • BPA- and BPS-free

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The spout can harbor mold if not cleaned properly

ZULU Torque Kids Tritan Plastic Water Bottle

as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

The Zulu Torque Kids Plastic Water Bottle is one of the best kids’ water bottles that come with a straw for easy use. With its modern, stylish look and the capacity to hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, this bottle doesn’t require frequent refills.

The bottle features a locking flip lid and soft straw that won’t hurt the roof of your child’s mouth in case it gets jabbed. Although it’s made of plastic, the bottle is PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free so you can be sure that it’s safe for your child. It’s not made to be put inside the freezer but if your little one needs cold water, the mouth of the bottle is big enough to throw in a few ice cubes.

The Zulu Torque bottle features a silicone sleeve for protection from impact and it also includes a touch push button for quick and easy hydration. It’s a high-quality water bottle that’s built to last.

What We Loved:

  • It’s dishwasher safe
  • Attractive look
  • Easy-to use straw

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There’s no way to replace the straw if damaged

Nalgene Kids Grip-n-Gulp 12 oz. Water Bottles

as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

This water bottle from Nalgene holds 12 oz of water and comes in over 10 different, vibrant colors, some of which have interesting and fun designs to suit your child’s preference. The plastic that’s used to make these water bottles doesn’t contain any BPA and the soft, smooth mouthpiece is made to feel comfortable against small mouths. Because the bottle is transparent, it’s also easy for your child to keep track of their water intake.

Made in the USA, the Nalgene water bottle is tough enough to withstand any amount of rigorous abuse that a toddler will put it through. Since it’s 100% spill-proof, you won’t need to follow your young one around the house, mopping up little puddles of water and worrying about slips and falls.

It’s an affordable product that’s available in a pack of 3 bottles, so you’ll always have a spare for emergencies.

What We Loved:

  • The bottle is affordable and dishwasher safe
  • It’s small enough for toddlers’ hands
  • It’s made of strong plastic

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The spout sometimes doesn’t close

Takeya Kids Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

The Takeya Kids 14-ounce with Straw Lid is a straw water bottle that’s insulated and features a spout for kids to open and close securely. The bottle is made of food-grade, BPA-free, recyclable materials.

Like the Thermos water bottle, it has only four parts and is extremely easy to take apart, clean and reassemble. However, only the plastic top of this bottle can go in the dishwasher and the other parts will need to be washed by hand.

The Takeya is double-walled with the ability to keep your little one’s drink cold for hours. It’s slightly more expensive than most other options but makes up for it with its fast-flowing spout, larger capacity and bright color options. It’s suitable for older kids and any grown-ups who are looking for a smaller-sized bottle.

With the Takeya insulated kids water bottle, you won’t have to purchase any more one-use cups or toxic plastic products for your kids.

What We Loved:

  • Keeps drinks cold for longer
  • Sweat-free and easy to grip
  • Includes a straw
  • Appropriate for older children
  • Durable construction

What We Didn’t Like:  

  • The straw can harbor microorganisms
  • Some bottles have the tendency to leak

Contigo 2001147 Autoseal Trekker Kids Water Bottle

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as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

The Trekker Kids Water bottle from Contigo is the perfect on-the-go companion for little ones who’ve outgrown sippy cups but still have trouble with spilling. This bottle features a single-touch AUTOSEAL lid which automatically seals between sips for easy, mess-free drinking. Spills and leaks won’t be a thing to worry about with this bottle.

The Trekker Kids construction and simple but attractive design makes it easy for small hands to hold it without slipping. Suitable for ages 3 and up, the bottle is 100% BPA-free and offers easy one-handed drinking with the push of a single button.

This plastic water bottle doesn’t require any effort when it comes to cleaning. All you have to do is place it in the top rack of your dishwasher and that’s about it. However, it’s not made for use in microwaves.

Available in packs of 2 or 3 in several bright and attractive colors to suit your little one’s preference, this product from Trekker is one of the best water bottle choices you could make for your child.

What We Loved:

  • Fits most car cup holders
  • Easy to drink from and hold
  • BPA free
  • Comes in packs of 2 or 3

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not as durable as its competitors

SIGG Kids Water Bottle KBT Waterfall

as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

The SIGG Kids Water Bottle is made from recyclable, lightweight aluminum. It’s easy for a child to carry around and suits both leisure and school activities. The material doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like phthalates and BPA, making this bottle an excellent choice for ensuring your child’s safety.

This water bottle features a multi-layered inner liner that’s made to handle a lot of stress and it also includes a spill-proof child cap which is highly useful even when things are a little too wild. The inner coating doesn’t leave any strange taste in the water that some metal or plastic bottles tend to leave. These features enhance the bottle’s durability, which is something you want from a kid’s water bottle.

The SIGG bottle is available in gorgeous colors to suit any child. It’s perfect as a kid’s water bottle for sports, school and home and what’s more, it also makes a great travel bottle.

What We Loved:

  • Prevents contamination in the water
  • Able to withstand tough conditions
  • Great for older kids or toddlers
  • Made from robust material for durability

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May be slightly difficult to sip without swallowing air

Life Vista Collapsible Water Bottle with Straw

as of February 19, 2024 8:05 pm

The last water bottle on our list is the Life Vista Collapsible Water Bottle. This reusable water bottle is made of strong, premium-quality, food-grade silicone which is 100% BPA free with no toxins or chemicals. Unlike the other bottles on this list, the Life Vista stands out because it collapses, for easy storage when empty. This makes it a favorite among all ages but kids especially will love the cool factor. 

It’s conveniently designed to hold up to 17 oz of fluid when fully extended and when collapsed it’s only up to 1.57 inches tall, making it compact enough for kids to take around. The unique hourglass design of this bottle also makes it easier to hold and it folds and unfolds quickly without a hassle.

These bottles are known for their performance and durability since they have an outstanding ability to tolerate bumps, drops or pressure. Additionally, the Life Vista water bottle is heat resistant so there’s no need to worry about what you put in it or how to wash it.

One of the best features of this bottle is its triple sealed lid that prevents any possible leaking, preventing water from dripping in school bags or other possible locations. The only downside we noticed was that the bottle is available in only 2 colors: pink and black, leaving you with limited style options.

What We Loved:

  • Easy to carry
  • Unique hourglass design makes for easy holding
  • Stands temperatures up to nearly 500 degrees F
  • Tough enough to withstand any amount of abuse
  • Holds up to 17 oz
  • Carabiner for easy attaching

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not enough color options
  • Can be difficult to wash

How to Choose the Perfect Kids Water Bottle

The right water bottle for your child should be easy to drink from, easy to carry around and be durable enough to take on life with a kid. Here are some key points to consider when choosing a bottle:

  • Safety:

Safety always comes first, even when buying something as seemingly simple as a water bottle.The ideal water bottle for a child should be free of all contaminants such as phthalates and BPA as well as other toxins and chemicals. This is especially important if it’s a plastic bottle, as temperature changes can make these toxins leach into the water. Only go for bottles that are child-safe or your little one might end up ingesting all the dangerous chemicals found in certain products.

  • Weight:

Weight is one of the most important things to consider when buying a water bottle for your child. If it’s too heavy, your child could easily drop it. Additionally, it’ll discourage your child from drinking, which undermines the purpose of the bottle. Plastic is a better option than stainless steel in this case since it’s lightweight and easy to use.

  • Grip:

The ideal water bottle for your child should have a grip that makes it easy to hold for their small hands. Look for non-slip surfaces like silicone.

  • Material:

In terms of durability and material, stainless steel wins one over plastic any day. Stainless steel bottles can generally handle a lot of stress whereas plastic ones are more prone to damage. If your little munchkin is the rumble and tumble sort, you might want to consider getting a stainless steel bottle to avoid having to replace it over and over again.

  • Spout/straw:

Make sure that your child’s water bottle features a spout or straw that makes drinking easy without causing frustration. Some bottles look great but actually have a miserable flow rate which annoys children when the water doesn’t come out fast enough. A pop-out straw bottle is a great option since it’s more hygienic and convenient for kids to use.

  • Size:

This is another important factor to take into consideration and depends on the age of the child. If the child is a toddler, go for a small, plastic bottle that’s easy and safe to use. Just like weight, a too-bulky bottle will be annoying for your child to deal with. If the child is older, getting a slightly heavier bottle might not be a huge issue.

  • Cleaning:

Bottles that are dishwasher safe are probably the easiest since you don’t have to go through all the trouble of scrubbing by hand. Make sure the bottle has few parts since having too many could cause some of them to go missing over time. A wide-mouthed bottle would be a great option if you’re cleaning by hand so you can easily get a brush in there.

How to Take Care of Your Child’s Water Bottle

Grime inevitably builds up on the straw and spout of your child’s water bottle, so cleaning thoroughly with a bottle brush and some vinegar or baking soda will help prevent this. Baking soda and vinegar are completely natural and don’t leave behind any strange odors or taste so they are the safest, cheapest and most easily available products that you can use for this purpose.

Remember, cleaning your child’s water bottle regularly is a MUST to avoid the formation of fungi and the buildup of bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause illnesses.

Some bottles are dishwasher safe but if you’re opting for a bottle of this sort, pay close attention to the instructions on where to place it in the dishwasher. Most commonly, reusable water bottles are placed in the top rack of any dishwasher for safe cleaning.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve got all the necessary information to help you make your decision, it’s time to go out and buy the perfect water bottle for your little one.

Quality, safety and durability are the main things to look out for, so make sure to keep that in mind when you’re on your hunt for a water bottle.

Take your child along with you and have a lot of fun choosing the right bottle together.

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