5 Best Sprinkler System Brands – And Why

Choosing the right sprinkler system can work wonders for your lawn but if you want to have a good quality product that’s worth your money, a bit of research goes a long way.

Because a sprinkler system is a long-term investment that costs a lot up front, choosing the right product from the get-go is critical. It’s important to choose a sprinkler system that’s reliable and manufactured by a reputable company to avoid dealing with a cheap product and performance issues in the long run.

If you’ve started thinking about having a lawn sprinkler system installed, you’re probably wondering what brand you should go for.

Here are 5 of the best sprinkler system brands to help you decide:

Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is a manufacturer of all kinds of irrigation equipment to suit a variety of contexts, including golf courses and landscaping industries. Founded in 1981 by Edwin and Paul Hunter, the company has grown greatly over time, acquiring many other irrigation-focused companies like Hydrawise, Dispensing Dynamics International and Senninger Irrigation. It is one of the most trusted sprinkler system brands in the U.S. Based in San Marcos, California, the company produces not only top quality sprinklers but also other equipment like gear-driven rotors, valves, controllers, weather sensors and central controllers.

Although it isn’t common in the irrigation industry, all the sprinkler system components are manufactured and engineered by the company itself, meaning that each and every component made by Hunter is purposefully designed to work in sync with relevant products. The result: an efficient and seamless way for you to water your lawn.

Hunter holds over 250 product patents and up to 40 trademarks, conducting business in 125 countries. The company also focuses on environmental sustainability in the irrigation industry, introducing more eco-friendly sprinklers such as the MP800SR Rotator. Hunter products are also energy efficient since each one is made to deliver the maximum amount of water, while using up the least amount of energy possible.

The outstanding quality of Hunter sprinkler systems ensures that your lawn will be kept green, beautiful and fully watered with minimal work at all.

Rain Bird

Headquartered in Azusa, California, Rain Bird Corporation is a top producer of irrigation products worldwide, known for offering the industry’s broadest range of products for homes, golf courses, sports arenas, farms and commercial developments in over 130 countries. The company was founded in 1933 during the agricultural boom in California. Since then, it has been awarded over 450 patents around the world, the very first one for the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler that revolutionized the industry of food production.

Rain Bird offers over 4,000 irrigation services and products that are highly innovative, while also focussing on water conservation. Additionally, the company provides education, services and training for the industry as well as for communities. They are also involved in many fascinating projects in numerous global environments, playing a vital role in helping the world to use water intelligently. From engineering an intelligent golf course irrigation system in Florida to designing landscape irrigation for soccer fields in Brazil, Rain Bird has made a significant difference in the irrigation industry.

Rain Bird also has an excellent reputation for its customer service and for being an outstanding place to work due to the honest and ethical treatment of everyone from all communities.

K-Rain Manufacturing

K-Rain is a manufacturing and engineering company that’s made up of over 300 team members to serve customers in the US and more than 60 countries around the world. Family owned and operated, the company was incorporated in 1974 and since then it’s come a long way becoming one of the largest manufacturers of commercial, institutional and residential sprinkler systems, sprinklers, sprays, irrigation controllers, rotors and valves.

One of the top priorities of this company is sustainability, with a full range of products and new ones being made every day for recycled or reclaimed water. The company is also environmentally conscious about the materials used for each and every product, while ensuring that the manufacturing processes are extremely energy efficient as well.

All products from K-Rain are backed by a strong warranty program and the advanced designs and engineering have made these products easy to install and use. The company also continues to make significant advancements in the development of products for conservation and strives for zero waste in all facilities.

With over 40 years of irrigation industry experience and awarded over 100 patents, K-Rain is continually focused on customer satisfaction, aiming to provide customers with the best service possible.

Orbit Irrigation Products

Headquartered in Utah, USA, Orbit Irrigation Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of irrigation products for both residential and commercial markets since it was founded in 1971. The company offers over 2000 products, distributing to 40 countries worldwide, with production facilities in China, Taiwan, USA and more. Orbit is now one of the most ubiquitous brands in the irrigation industry, offering high-quality and affordable products.

Orbit’s product line includes sprinkler systems, underground irrigation systems, controllers, timers, hose-end devices as well as many other accessories that are sold mostly through e-commerce channels and retail. The company is a leader in ‘smart watering’ technology and has a popular B-Hyve suite of products that help customers to reduce water usage while also saving up on money.

Orbit manufactures products to meet practically every watering need and to suit different climates. New innovative methods are continuously explored to improve the quality of the products and the manufacturing process. There countless Orbit products that have now become industry standards along with certain irrigation methods such as drip irrigation which was introduced by the company. The company follows a conservation-green-earth approach in marketing and manufacturing, which makes it one of the most innovative, broadest and reliable lines of irrigation equipment.

Toro Irrigation Systems

When it comes to high-quality irrigation equipment such as sprinkler heads, drip irrigation, piping and accessories, Toro Irrigation Systems offers some of the highest-quality equipment you could purchase. Established as the ‘Toro Motor Company’ to build engines for tractors back in 1914, Toro is now a leading company that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of turf maintenance, snow removal and irrigation equipment.

This company specializes in water-efficient, low flow products and with over a century of experience under their belt, they provide equipment for almost any irrigation need. Toro offers equipment of the best quality, especially those that will make your garden or yard a cut above the rest. Toro products aren’t complicated but extremely easy to install and use which is helped the company to gain its popularity, resulting in it being one of the most trusted brand names worldwide.

In 2017, Toro Irrigation Systems acquired Rain Master Irrigation Systems which strengthened the positioned of the company in the central controller market. As a result, it enhanced its distribution network and reinforced a long-term strategy in order to expand its offering of precise irrigation technologies. Toro markets its products under several brands including Irritrol Systems, Dingo, Hayter and Lawn Genie.

If you’re looking to purchase an irrigation system, check out our detailed reviews and buying guide here.

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